Welcome to the Cat Caravan

Cats love cardboard boxes. Just look at Maru!

Playing with boxes exercises kittens and adult cats alike, stimulating mental health as well as physical fitness and avoiding obesity, boredom and unwanted behavior, especially in indoor cats. But cat owners don’t always enjoy shredded cardboard boxes in their living rooms!

That’s why we have created the Cat Caravan; a stylish playhouse reminiscent of an iconic teardrop caravan. Besides its good looks, the caravan is designed to be extra-sturdy so it won’t break as a result of some tough kitty love.

We asked Bengal siblings Tiger and Lilly to test-drive the Cat Caravan and here is how much they loved it:


Cat Caravan Key Features:

   Two playing levels for jumping up and lying low
   Plenty of peepholes for interactive play with you or their furry friends
   Two cardboard toys included (bird and ball)
   Flat-folding for easy storage
   No glue required to set-up the caravan
   Made from 100% recycled cardboard and is 100% recyclable
   Dimensions (assembled): length 48cm, height 30 cm, width 32 cm


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